Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lost in Transition

So, Erik Iverson is coming home.

The news received precious little attention, even from those who for criticized Denny Rehberg for keeping him on as chief of staff while Erik served as chairman of the Montana GOP.

Perhaps it was the heavy media coverage of the Obama cabinet appointees. Perhaps it was the rush of holiday extravaganzas. Sales galore.

Rehberg's comments regarding Erik's departure were intriguing:

In the press release, Rehberg said, "I greatly appreciate all of Erik's hard work on my behalf and on behalf of our state. It's obvious those efforts have paid off. I wish him the best of luck in the future."

Exactly what Erik's "hard work" yielded to the state (v. himself) are not at all clear. Although Denny says "those efforts have paid off." Should we ask Denny to expalin how they paid off precisely? Perhaps the result is a nice sinecure for Erik.

Erik is back in Montana to work on unspecified projects for Tom Siebel, the zillionaire philanthropist, who has so generously bankrolled the effective Montana Meth Project.

Such a nice story.

Oh, and for those of you concerned about Erik's duties as chair of the GOP?

Not to worry.

He's staying on.

Thank God.

Erik is such an inspiring leader and spokesman for the GOP.

On his watch, the Democrats swept the statewide offices in 2008 for the first time in recent memory. Erik did make some headway in the Legislature: The House has 50 Republicans (v. 50 in 2007) and the Senate has 27 R's (v. 24 in 2007). You may recall that the R's vociferously objected to Sam Kitzenberg changing parties (from R to D) prior to the 2007 session; using the R logic, one could argue the R's had 25 seats in 2007, in which case, the GOP gained a net of exactly 2 seat in 2008.

The R's lost one seat on the 5-member Public Service Commission. {In January, four of the five seats are held by D's.]

Erik's boss (until recently) won another easy victory in November, this one against a dufus, maverick D, who won the D primary and promised not to campaign and, then, actually voted for Denny.

I'll cut Erik some slack on the Kelleher thing.

Fundraising? Through September of this year, the Democratic Party raised $3.4 million to the Iverson juggernaut, that is the Montana GOP, $1.6 million.

So Erik is the guy, either the candidate for Governor or the fellow pulling the strings for Mr. Siebel?

If his track record is any indicator of what lies ahead, this should be fun to watch unfold.

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Anonymous said...

Erik got Rehberg off on his crashing of the boat Rehberg was driving when it crashed.